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85+ Years Experience

Supporting All Parts of Human Resources


We'll work with you one-to-one to achieve your goals.

Live HR Support

Available by phone, providing quick fixes to your HR challenges.


Turning small business problems you can't solve on your own into an advantage.


Virtual training on essential HR topics, offering tips and tools you can immediately use.

Are You making the most out of your people investment? 

  • How are you avoiding costly business mistakes?


  • How are you and your team achieving business goals? 


  • How is workplace conflict negatively impacting your relationships and business?


  • How do you ensure you have the qualified employees you need to grow your business?


  • How are you using HR best practices to grow your business?

Colleagues Working Together

MICHIGAN PEOPLE GROUP solutions that matter

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, and Inclusion

Our processes promote an environment that takes advantage of all people's skills, knowledge, and abilities and creates a welcoming environment.


The people advantage we create:

  • Vision: Who do we want to be?

  • Mission: Where are we going

  • DE&I survey: Where are we?

  • Strategic planning: How do we get there?

  • Training and development: What skills and knowledge do we need?

  • Metrics: What does progress look like? 

Employee Relations

Our processes help you effectively manage interactions between employees to achieve your business goals and objectives.

The people advantage we create:

  • Positive & constructive relationships

  • Productive work environment

  • Reduced internal conflict between employees

Leadership Development

Our processes identify development activities that lead to improved competence and confidence for you and your leadership team.


The people advantage we create:

  • Coaching: Are you living a life of purpose or just reacting to it?

  • Mentoring: Are you learning from experience?

  • Leadership Assessment: Are you getting the feedback you need to succeed?

  • Development Planning: Do you know how to best focus your development investment?

  • Webinars: Are you learning from proven practices?

Performance Management

Our processes bring out the best in your employees.


The people advantage we create:

  • Goal setting: Do employees know what success looks like?

  • Talent review: Are you clear on the talent you need to buy, build, or bounce?

  • Performance rating: Do employees know if they are winning?

  • Performance coaching: How do you motivate employees to achieve the results you need?

  • Annual review: How do you document employee performance?

Recruiting and Hiring

Our processes help you attract the right people to your business and fill openings effectively and efficiently.


The people advantage we create:

  • Preparation: When and How to start your recruiting?

  • Searching/Marketing: How can you find the right candidate?

  • Screening: Who should you interview?

  • Interviewing: What should, and shouldn’t you ask or do?

  • Hiring: How can you make the right hiring decision?

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